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Kolay is the Turkish word for easy and that’s what we do at KolAi.
Our web-based tools make denim design easy with A.I.

Make your life easier with the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence.
KolAi Designer Overview
KolAi Designer Features

KolAi Designer: Denim Laser Design

Make Denim Laser Designs in minutes with KolAi Designer, a complete system for denim laser design.

Our artificial intelligence creates the main laser design in seconds. Then, a laser designer can customize and refine the design with our suite of professional editing tools.

UPDATE: KolAi Designer Version 2.5 Now Live!

Our AI now generates laser designs with multiple layers, instantly separating whiskers, thigh abrasion and texture.

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Using KolAi [Designer] allows us to achieve our goal of making laser designs look real and look like what designers want to see on a finished garment.

Bill Curtin, Owner of BPD Wash House

I don’t know Photoshop. For me, getting a laser dry-process shape [with Photoshop] is impossible. But with KolAi, I can. The designs I make with KolAi get approved by customers and take a maximum of 15 minutes to make.

Murat Şensoy, Factory Manager for Wishne Sourcing

Before KolAi, I make a vintage design in 7 or 8 hours, but after KolAi I just take the picture, upload and retouch a little bit… it’s easy.

Erhand Arslan, Laser Fashion Designer & Laser Department Manager at National Jeans Company (SFI)

I’m excited by this technology because it’s time-consuming to use Photoshop and with KolAi we can easily produce 10 different designs a day.

David Johnson, Laundry Manager for Guess Jeans USA


Kyle Stephens, PhD

Kyle Stephens, PhD


Kyle worked on Innovation for Lee and Wrangler Jeans from 2016-2020. He received laser training from both Jeanologia in Spain and VAV Technologies in Turkey and regularly traveled to factories around the world to oversee innovative developments with laser finishing.

Aydin Tuna Palabiyikoglu

Aydin Tuna Palabiyikoglu


Aydin is a denim developer with extensive knowledge in wet and dry garment processing. He has development experience from Turkey, India, and the United States, and has worked on laser finishing of denim for over 20 years.

Jack Payne, PhD

Jack Payne, PhD


Jack is a cognitive scientist with extensive experience in Machine Learning and Data Science. He worked in Shopper Insights for VF Corporation from 2016-2020, where he coordinated and analyzed multinational research projects.