Frequently Asked Questions

Why does creating laser files by hand take so long?

To create a laser file by hand, you first have to photograph an inspirational target garment, then open the photographs in image editing software, often Photoshop.

Then, you have to trace out each detail – every whisker, chevron, starburst, and worn area – by hand, taking special care to keep the highlights and shadows in a range that you know works well with the laser to give a realistic-looking effect. This takes a long time! (it also requires a lot of skill and experience)

How does KolAi’s platform help?

KolAi’s AI Designer takes in images of a worn-in garments and automatically returns authentic-looking laser designs to mimic the wear on those garments. All that painstaking work of hand-tracing the whiskers and used areas and carefully balancing the highlights and shadows is done automatically with the platform.

How does KolAi’s platform work?

KolAi’s platform is powered by software that was trained using the latest machine learning algorithms with a database of thousands of existing laser designs. The existing designs were created by hand by laser design experts. Our A.I. studied this database, learned how the experts create their designs and how to mimic that process for jeans it hasn’t seen before.

Will KolAi’s files work with my laser machine?

Yes! The platform outputs basic raster files (most common is .bmp format) so you can use them with any brand of laser machine.

Does KolAi’s software replace my laser designer?

No! Our AI is really good at mimicking the wear patterns of existing vintage garments. However, design teams often don’t want to just mimic existing garments, they have specific feedback and changes they require – remove this whisker, make this chevron straighter, add abrasion to the knee, etc… All of this can be done with KolAi’s Design Tools, but a laser designer is still needed to make these changes and tweak the output of the AI when necessary.

KolAi’s platform doesn’t replace laser designers. Rather, it’s a tool that makes their jobs easier and multiplies their productivity. So, they can create 10 designs in a day instead of 1.

Are KolAi’s laser files easy to edit?

Yes! Once you have a base design to work from, it is very easy to make adjustments as the files can be downloaded as image files (BMP, PNG, JPG, etc) or Photoshop files (PSD). With the release of KolAi’s Designer 2.0, editing can now be done from within the platform since we added a suite of professional editing tools (akin to Photoshop).