KolAi Designer 2.5

Multi-Layer Laser Designs

KolAi Designer is the the only A.I.-based platform for denim laser design.

And now it generates laser designs with multiple layers, instantly separating whiskers, thigh abrasion and texture.

Multi-Layer design allows for easier customization, a more natural 3D look, and was by far our most requested feature.

Introduction to KolAi Designer, Version 2.5
Laser Design Layers Created Instantly by KolAi Designer 2.5

How To Use KolAi Designer

Step 01

Upload Image of Target Garment and Crop Out Background

Your image can be a photograph of a physical sample or an image you get from the internet.

Step 02

Clean Blemishes, then Click “Create Laser Design”

With our suite of Photoshop-like editing tools, you can clean blemishes, tape marks, or unwanted damages. Then, click “Create Laser Design” and let our patent-pending A.I. run its magic.

Step 03

Receive Multi-Layer Laser Design and Adjust as Needed

KolAi Designer 2.5 returns a design with multiple layers – separating whiskers, thigh abrasion, and texture – so you can easily make adjustments and customize to your needs.

Layers Include:

A.I. Whiskers
A.I. Abrasion
A.I. Base Design
Garment Texture
Grayscale Adjustment
Step 04

Download for Use with Laser Machines or 3D Design Software

Download your design as an image (BMP, PNG or JPG), compatible with any brand of laser machine.

Downloaded designs are also compatible with 3D design software like Browzwear, Clo3D, and Tuka3D so you can visualize how your designs should look before making samples.

Additionally, you can download as a Photoshop file (PSD) to preserve your layers and make changes later if needed.

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